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If you want to get far more granular, You may also simply click an app to personalize different types of notification options for a certain application.

I used to be thinking of supplying her one thing like a doll → pensaba en regalarle algo así como una muñeca, pensaba en regalarle una muñeca o algo por el estilo

three VERB (表示赞同)喜欢,希望 Should you like a little something including a particular system of motion or method of behaving, you approve of it. I've been taking a look at the cookery e book. I like the way it is about out... 我翻过那本烹饪书。我喜欢它的版式设计。

‘Laing pointed out that a number of worries were recognized and highlighted many challenges for dialogue and community comment.’

Utilizing the ESCAPE clause The subsequent case in point works by using the `ESCAPE` clause as well as the escape character to seek out the precise character string `10-fifteen%` in column `c1` from the `mytbl2` desk. ```sql

Maxwell was not accessible for comment but has described all statements against her as “untrue” and “evident lies.”

Like and as can be prepositions, but their that means will not be ordinarily the identical. For instance, if you are doing a thing like a specific form of individual, you are doing it how that kind of human being would get it done, While You aren't that kind of human being.

6 PHRASE 拼命地;猛烈地;极快地 You should utilize the expressions like nearly anything ,like nuts, or like mad to emphasise that someone is carrying out one thing or some thing is happening in an exceptionally energetic or visible way. He's Operating like mad in the meanwhile. 他眼下正在拼命地工作。

Observe: In the event your taskbar is set to tiny taskbar buttons, badges about the Slack icon won't be visible.

There are actually supplemental notification selections which you could configure, but Microsoft is listing them in various sections in the Options application, or They are really crafted into specific apps.

vi He's totally free to act as he likes → es Notifications steht ihm frei, zu tun, was er will; when you like → wie Sie wollen; in case you like → wenn Sie wollen

Clearly show on Lock Screen allows you to disable notifications if the device is locked, which is great in order to disable delicate facts from being exhibited to the whole world.

n (= equal etc) we shall not see his like again → einen Mann or so etwas (inf) → wie ihn bekommen wir nicht wieder; did you at any time begin to see the like? (inf) → hast du so was schon gesehen?; and also the like, and this kind of like → und dergleichen; the like(s) of which → dergleichen; I’ve met the likes of you in advance of → solche wie dich kenne ich schon; I’ve no time with the likes of him (inf) → mit solchen Leuten gebe ich mich nicht ab (inf); like appeals to like → Gleich und Gleich gesellt sich gern (prov)

As the LastName column is varchar, there are no trailing blanks. This procedure fails because the trailing blanks are major.

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